King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Workshop on
Fractional Models in Science & Engineering (FMSE18)
Theory and Computation

Monday, December 10, 2018
KFUPM Conference Room (Building # 20)
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Dec 11:     A short course on “Computational Techniques for Fractional Models” By R. Garrappa Details   (Presentation)

Dec 12:    Fractional Calculus: Fundamentals and Applications
                   Seminar by J. Machado, 11:00 am


     Speakers                                                    Program Details 

Abdul Khaliq
Department of Mathematical Sciences & Computational Science
Middle Tennessee State University, USA.
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Split-Step Predictor-Corrector Methods for Space Fractional     
           Reaction-DiffusionEquation with Nonhomogeneous Boundary

Roberto Garrappa Roberto Garrappa
Department of Mathematics
University of Bari, Italy.

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Title: On Special Fractional Operators in Computational Electromagnetism:
            Theory and Numerical Methods.

Tenreiro Machado 
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Porto, Portugal.
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Title: Fractional Calculus: The Perspective of Complex Systems
Salman Malik
Department of Mathematics
COMSATS University, Pakistan.

Title: Inverse Problems for Some Space-Time Fractional  Differential    

Ozgur Kirlangic
Saudi Aramco Expec ARC Computational Modeling Technology (CMT) Team
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Title: Fracture modeling in the current reservoir simulation applications and  
           potential for fractional models